Before You Build

Planning & Project Management

The right builder can make an enormous difference in your satisfaction—not just with the final outcome, but at every step from your first meeting to the day you move in. Proper planning and project management are crucial steps in a successful project. When you work with us you can expect to have your needs analyzed by a team made up of the builder, architect, and designer.

We will work with you to determine your project details and create a highly detailed proposal so you understand the costs of your project before construction starts, including bids from well-qualified trades and suppliers, making sure you pay for only actual materials, labor, and the builder’s fixed fee–we will never overcharge! Contact us to get started.

Property Acquisition

Tap into our resources of industry professionals to help you find exactly the kind of property you’re looking for.

Site Analysis

Let us help identify poor soil conditions, mandated fire-suppression systems, and water and sewer issues before you buy.

Zoning Regulations

Depend on us to research local zoning ordinances such as building setbacks, height restrictions, and drainage stipulations before building starts.


We can manage obtaining permits for demolition, building, soil erosion and storm water management, septic systems, and MDEQ.

Client Education

From heating to hardware, we’ll help you make informed choices, connect you with industry experts, and support you throughout the entire process.

Understanding Costs

How much will your dream project cost? We combine your list of wants and needs with your material and finish choices to estimate your costs, which we outline in a working proposal. You’ll be invited to review this plan and make any necessary changes before all the details are finalized.

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Setting A Schedule

We’re sticklers for schedules, and we hold ourselves accountable by sharing that process with you. Your project schedule includes details on pricing, design time, permits, and the duration of every step so you’ll never have to guess when it will be done.

Download a Sample Schedule